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New magazines


You’ve left so many sweet messages. Thank you so much! It feels like the right decision for us, so I’m sure Scotland will be fine. It will be very different to living in the French countryside, but to be honest we’re all looking forward to going somewhere a bit more busy. 
Tomorrow I’m starting my new medication and get to spend the whole day in hospital, so I’ve stocked up on new interior design mags. 😉 I’ll show you more details from them soon. I think I found some really good ones. 

I’ll be back on Tuesday with more Tuesday Tips.
Have a look at my Pinterest account if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Have a nice start to the new week! 


ps! To all my blogger friends, I promise I’ll come by to say hello soon. I’ve been very bad lately, but it’s also been good spending less time on the pc.

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  1. Ilaria says:

    Take care of yourself and get better! Tu ne vas certainement pas t'ennuyer avec tes magazines, je sens qu'on va bientôt avoir un joli post qui ressortira de tout ça 😉 xx

  2. Katrin says:

    Dear Hege, all the best for you!

  3. Marit says:

    I wish you all the best! X

  4. I love this post because it is very very interesting.Thanks you very much for shearing this article

  5. I hope your day wasn't too bad! And that all those magazines helped you pass it. Were there any Norwegian ones? I love it that my 'home front' send me some interior magazines every once in a while …
    Be well, xx