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We’re moving to..


Scotland!!! Well done to Deborah for finding the little clue. The Rennie Mackintosh detailed windows. Well done to Nicki too for guessing Scotland. I’ll be able to show you lots of cool places to visit, stay, eat, drink, shop you name it..! I studied in Glasgow and worked in Edinburgh before we came to France, so I know Scotland quite well. I’m sure lots have changed though. Were we had our first date there’s no longer a pub, but a fab Italian. 🙂

As I mentioned, we’ll be renting a flat first to find where we’d like to settle. It’s all very exciting and quite strange leaving France, but we miss family and friends. It’ll even be much easier for us to see my family in Norway as they’ll only be a short flight away. So time has come to say bye to France after 9 years.. I’m sure we’ll be back for holidays though. 

So, in a few months I’ll be blogging from trendy coffee shops, sipping macchiatos and taking you round the country. Until then, I shall enjoy the French weather as the Scottish weather won’t be quite as good..  

Have a brilliant weekend!! 

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  1. Congrats Hege! At least now you'll be closer to visit! We've just moved too, although only 20 minutes down the road for us, it's still such an exciting/daunting/emotional etc experience! xx

  2. So exiting Hege!

    Lykke til


  3. Så spennende Hege,og sikkert vemodig.Men det er en tid for alt.Skottland er sikkert fantastisk,gleder meg til du er på plass og viser bilder etterhvert!!!!!
    Toveklem 🙂

  4. Så spennende da! 🙂 Gleder meg til å følge deg videre på veien snuppa! ?
    Klem fra Camilla

  5. Aggy says:

    Hi Hege!

    What a news
    Very beautiful Scotland! I'll hope you find a great home!
    xx Aggy

  6. Villa Wonka says:

    Oj… så spennende! Gleder meg til å se det nye hjemmet deres etterhvert!

    God helg!
    Klem Kristin

  7. Have a fantastic moving! It is ALWAYS good to be near family!

    I wish I could live near my family and friends too 😀

    All the best to you!

  8. Ingeborg says:

    Så spennende, og kanskje litt vemodig (?) å flytte. Kjempeflotte bilder du viser.

  9. Så roligt, Skottland är ju underbart!! Grattis och lycka till!!
    Kram Susanne

  10. Sivs hus says:

    Hei, Lykke til med flyttingen! Spennende å høre mer om ditt nye liv der….god helg! klem Siv:-)

  11. Anneke says:

    Wauw Hege,

    That is a big change. But Ia am sure you will find your way and I am looking forward to alle the inspiring spots you will teall us all about. And I am very curious how your new home will look like.
    For now have a nice weekend! X

  12. Meis Ideis says:

    Hege, I wish you all the best in the new location. I believe this will be your happy place.
    Good luck

  13. Byfrua says:

    Så spennende å flytte til Skottland, nydelig land. Har selv vært både i Glasgow og Edinburgh, flotte plasser. Men må jo si at Edinburgh var i en klasse for seg:))
    Masse lykke til med pakking og planlegging, det er et styr å flytte men godt når det er gjort:))

    Klem Veronica

  14. Said to see you leave La Douce France, but it will be for all the right reasons.
    And we'll be following your moving adventures on your blog, right? Good luck with all the preparations!
    Bye, xx

  15. Ilaria says:

    I have been away for just a few days and these are the news I find … wow!!! it seems like everybody is moving somewhere this summer 😉 Well, I wish you all the best for your new life and I look forward to get all your new addresses and inspiration. On my side I will try to do the same with Southern France xxx

  16. Hi Hege,

    I just read your big news, what a change. But I'm sure you will find a lovely home and make it yours.
    Good luck with all the things to arrange!

    X Suus

  17. mel says:

    Oh Hege this is HUGE and I would never have guessed. I completely understand the need for you to be around family, especially with kids. Well, I'm a little sad that we won't get to meet in France but I'm sure we will at some point. Good luck with the new medicine Hege. So will you change the name to Hege in Scotland? M x

  18. Bonjour! Så dere flytter tilbake, så spennende. Skjønner godt at dere lengter tilbake til familie og venner igjen. Etter 9 år som utlendinger i Frankrike….hadde det vært gøy å høre om deres erfaringer både positivt og negativt. Nyt de siste månedene, dere også har vel fantastisk herlig vær nå tenker jeg…og masse lykke til med både flytteplanene og et sted å bo. Ps! Vi har også våre planer men de deler jeg nok ikke før du bor i Scotland tenker jeg…hihi. Bises

  19. Åpent hus says:

    så spennende!
    gleder meg til å følge med på flyttelasset 🙂

    stor klem herfra

  20. Hi Hege,

    finally sold your house Hege? great to go back to Norway isn't it?

    have a nice weekend!
    X Stephanie

  21. Elena Gardin says:


    I'm a big fan of your blog and I cannot wait to see what will happen after your moving to Bonnie Scotland! I'm very fond of this country as I spent some years living in Edinburgh: it has a very special pace in my heart.
    I wish well and good luck for everything!