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Soft colours


wrong for hay like paper cup soft colours

I’m not sure about you, but I still feel like painting a wall black.. at the same time I really like soft colours. I think I might stick to painting some mdf for now. I also have a DIY project or two in my head that I would really like to do. I’ve been working a lot lately. With Magnus off school for mid-term, I’ve taken a couple of mornings off to be with him. Or at least off ish.. My phone is always with me so I can check messages on the go. It really helps. When I took these photos, Magnus was sat drawing at the studio table. After the little photo shoot we went to the park. Win-win.

A little behind the scenes today. A modern working Mum’s life.. I work late most evenings, so I can still take and collect him from school, take him to swimming and to all the other sporting activities. I can’t imagine what Mum’s with more than one child do or how you do it! Well done to you all!

I like being there when Magnus needs me, so I mostly work from home. I do like escaping to the studio for a bit whilst he’s at school though. I don’t even have internet access there. I chose for it to be like that. I’d rather it was a creative space. It works well. I like it. My studio is far from perfect, but it’s such a great thing to have some space to work.

The images below are from styling new items for my shop S2 20. I discovered these bamboo toothbrushes and handmade felt baskets from independent companies in Sweden. Another part of what I do, that I love. In fact, I really like everything I do just now, so that’s a huge bonus! Thank you all for your support you give to both my blog and my shop. x

white felt storage basket

small storage felt basket handmade new felt baskets

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  1. Mel says:

    It’s not easy being a mum and working. I feel it’s a constant guilt trip, especially when I work and they’re at home! Yet it’s so important for us to be happy and creative in order to be a good mum. Catch 22. Thanks for sharing your truth, you do a wonderful job managing the two roles. I also love the idea of no internet in the studio. Beautiful styling Hege. xx M

  2. Anu says:

    Thank you for that honest behind the scenes post! I can so much relate for it as I’m also constantly struggling to find balance between family life and working and guilt is unfortunately my companion some days… Mel said it right above, we need some time for being creative and doing what we love to be a better mom. It’s so nice to have a job that you truly love and this is one of the reasons why I want to find that little time for my blog/styling etc even now when having a toddler and baby to care for – I hope that once my maternity leave ends I can make some living out of something I’m passionate about and doesn’t have to go back to working for someone else with all these deadlines and strict schedules. So many ideas and so little time for that! 🙂
    Anyway, I wish you beautiful weekend and you’ve done an amazing job + definitely are an amazing mom too! xx