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Tuesday Tips – ART display


This Tuesday Tips is all about how to display your art or the lack of it

Why not show it back to front?
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Trine Torsen
Or simply display some empty frames?
Hege in France Tuesday Tips photo Trettien


Or squint?!

Hege in France Tuesday Tips

Styling Susanna Vento and photo Kristiina Kurronen


Hege in France Tuesday Tips

Styling: Pella Hedeby

Leaning agains the wall?

Hege in France Tuesday Tips

1. via 2. Skona Hem

Or you could create a picture wall.

Hege in France Tuesday Tips
Or simply by using some Masking Tape.
Hege in France Tuesday Tips
I don’t think there are any rules of how to best display art. You can mix old with new, different colours and shapes. Anything goes, but it’s all about being creative and finding what you like. Don’t just copy somebody else. Be creative!

At the moment my favorite is an empty canvas.

Which one is your favorite?

Hope you’ve enjoyed todays Tuesday Tips

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  1. Lauren says:

    Très belles idées ! très drôle … cela fait sourire quand on regarde les photos, j'aime ce BLANC … la dernière photo de ton post est très graphique et j'adore

  2. Lena says:

    The layered gallery wall is my number one, definitely. It has such a nice collage-like feel to it.

  3. About Margas says:

    Great post! Love the irony of the first three images… It is hard these days to define what really constitutes a piece of art. Interiors are becoming incerasingly eclcectic, and magazine cut-outs seem as valuable as professional work – when hung in a stylish composition, that is.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I have a rather weird relationship to art… I often think of art of something “messy” and I prefer simpler and more peaceful interiors. Having an entire wall in a gorgeous colour, wallpaper or material (I love wood!) would be the ultimate “art” for me. Probably displayed with just ONE thing, so the wall wouldn’t look too empty. After all, quality is more important than quantity! =)

  5. Imágenes maravillosas!
    Atelier Decor team

  6. Gudy Herder says:

    Great recap of so many different possibilities. There should be something for all tastes, right?

  7. nannette says:

    Layered for me! I can't really get used to back to front, it's like someone gave you a painting and you don't like it. And gotta love the masking tape!!
    Nice photos.

  8. Ski Chalets says:

    The picture wall is a great idea. I'm going to make a family one in the hallway!

  9. So lovely inspiration! Simplicity is really a beauty! My favorite is the first one, it reminds me of the Danish artist Tenka! She also uses the back to express herself. Thank you for the inspiration and have a lovely week

  10. Hege, such a great post. Love the idea to use the back of the art. You have 2 choices 🙂 I find it hard to choose something to hang on my wall. Because i'm 'afraid' i really fast done with it and then I stick with some holes in the wall. Si thats why I personally use MT. So I can change a lot.

    Nice inspiration and wish you a beautifull day!

    X Suus

  11. Annie says:

    love , love your Tuesday inspiration!
    love all combination, but at thismoment
    I love simple on the floor or on the wall using the washi tape!
    have a nice day and first day of spring

  12. Anneke says:

    Wauw, what I nice post! Yhank you so much for all this inspiration, Hege!
    They all are my favorite, love the imperfection. Especially the first 5 pictures. Would love to have to have theat interiors.

  13. Rosa Paula says:

    Loved the fourth picture. Simple idea, great effect!
    I'm glad I found your blog via BYW! I'm already following you!

  14. Harmony says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo, el arte es el arte y cada uno que lo interprete como quiera.
    Realmente de todas las imágenes sacas algo bueno.

  15. mel says:

    The crooked one is how a lot of mine end up with my three kids stomping around my house so glad to see i'm in the mode – ha! Don't know about back to front though… Big lover of collages! Mel x

  16. Amazing! Well researched! Love it Hege! Keep the good job!

  17. Christina says:

    I LOVE the layered art. How beautiful. Saving those photos as inspiration for the gallery I will eventually put in my hallway. Thanks for the great post!