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Wouldn’t you just love to work in an office like this? Although mainly black and white there are some very nice bright splaces of colour and lots of light. The glass wall with the black door – it’s simply fabulous! What a cool idea. Click here to see something really inspiring! 
I could quite happily take my coffe break in one of the black Eames rocking chairs. You too?!

Hege in France work space UXUS HQ

Hege in France work space UXUS HQ

Hege in France work space UXUS HQ
Let’s get some work done! 🙂
ps! Thank you so much for your comments on my Tuesday Tips column! It means a lot!!
All photos credit USUX Design

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  1. Jeg kunne godt tatt meg en kaffe i den stolen! LEKKET kontor! Mye fin inspirasjon og finne på siden din! 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    I'm good at walking into mirrors, so I don't think that wall is a good idea for my office or wherever! =)
    The tape is a bit cool, though, if you (like me) are too afraid of painting an old wooden furniture, taping it could be an idea…

  3. Wauw what a place! And that glass wall, beautiful only haha I also don think its a good idea for me to 🙂

    PS. Again thanks for your challenge! I wrote a post about the prizes I won.